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Performer and Cooridnator


Michael-Eoin passed his unarmed stage combat SAFD fight exam with recommendation. He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, trained in boxing, and received intro firearm training from a former Marine Scout Sniper. He loves doing his own stunts and teaching others while keeping them safe on set. Michael-Eoin brings joy, confidence, skill, and caution to every stunt he works on; be it behind or in front of the camera.

Seeds Gun
Seeds - Confrontation Scene.HEIC


Michael-Eoin feels that performing as many of his own stunts as possible helps him understand and feel his character more truly. Doing his own stunts helps Michael-Eoin capture the physicality of the character: from the trigger discipline and firing stance of a trained warrior to the fear and inexperience of a civilian in a dangerous and new situation. It's also just a ton of fun!


Michael-Eoin's stunt coordinating is a new endeavor, but has already seen him assist on a feature and lead on three short films. His philosophy is simple: "make it look good, but everyone goes home healthy." If he wouldn't feel safe doing it, he won't be asking you to. Michael-Eoin approaches the work with confidence and caution, ensuring the safety of all involved. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

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Guillaume Garot


We hired Michael-Eoin Stanney as a stunt coordinator on our action movie Through a Window. He surpassed our expectations in every way. First, for his work on the stunts themselves. Michael knows his job, and was a major asset in the success of the project. He listened very closely to what I wanted and did everything to make it possible. At the same time, he was very careful about safety, which is a crucial point in stunt filming. His experiences as an actor and director proved to be an asset too. Indeed, this gives him an artistic vision which he puts in the service of his work. Michael knows how to adapt to the situation and doesn’t hesitate to make suggestions for the good of the project.

Patrik Seno


Working with Michael has been a great experience for me as a DP. He was able to adapt his choreography to look its best under any camera angle and he even came up with brilliant ideas for fight scenes during pre-production and production. Michael has proved his ability to work well under pressure in many different circumstances and has shown his skill to observe and improve his choreography in seconds while shooting on set.  This proactive approach to filmmaking, as well as Michael’s friendly, yet very professional nature have made him a person I would eagerly recommend to anyone looking for an outstanding stunt coordinator.

Gabriel Juillet


Working with Michael on my short film has been an amazing experience. Thanks to his

knowledge and professionalism, our actors were able to perform their stunts safely, Even with

weapons. Moreover, our production went through extreme last minute changes, demanding heavy modifications. Michael was able to follow the project and adapt to the new working conditions to maintain a perfect quality of work. He has the ability to bring important suggestions while always listening to the artistic goal of the team. This was my first time working with stunts as a director, and it is thanks to Michael that my project could be made safely and that the cast could feel ready to perform.

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