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Testimonies from past collaborators

Stunt Shot.heic

Alex Buonocore

Writer and Co-Director

Michael-Eoin Stanney was cast as the lead in our short film and was exceptional. He understood the part and brought a new level to the character. He was collaborative, easy to approach, and always open to suggestions and new developments as they came. On set, he was incredibly good-natured. I could always count on him to be on his game and turn in a stellar performance through all the chaos that comes with filmmaking. If you’re looking for a motivated and talented actor, I highly recommend Michael.

Jeff Cohen

Executive Producer and Screenwriter

As EP and screenwriter for the film Seeds, it was a pleasure to work with Michael. His acting is compelling. He fully immersed himself in the part. 


One example stands out. He was back for one of the most demanding scenes of the film after a short hiatus. When I saw him I thought ah it’s Michael let’s catch up, but instead he was in his zone preparing and I did not want to bother him. He delivered the part perfectly and then broke character deftly and warmly updated me on his career path. 


A lovely, bright, committed actor. Something every production wants and deserves. 

Bruce Curtains
Seeds Combat_edited.jpg

Adam Arad Daniel

First Assistant Director

Making films can be a grueling process. But within that time, the crew and talent become a family of sorts. On the film Seeds (2023), I met an actor (Michael), and he instantly became a part of our Gen1 family. As a first AD it’s my job to push the crew. Sometimes people take it personally. Not Michael. He always understood the overall goal at hand and remained a professional. He helped out so much on set that I had to remind him he was a key talent and not a key grip! Very wise for his age. He has a strong command of story, which is paramount for actors. Overall a solid guy with much potential. Can’t wait to see him spread his wings further. 

Ryan Wetzel


Michael was a delight to work with. Always professional and on time. He was a pleasure to be around on set. I hope to work with him again in the future!

Hospital Scene
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